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E.P.T.C Points Shop

Post by The Pokemon Master on Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:43 pm

10 points-Change username
25 points-Have an official tourney
30 points-Have your poll on the official forum poll section (right sidebar on forum)
50 points-Advertise something on the forum (scrolling bar)
150 points-Have access to the PokeResort forum
250 points-Request a smiley (with custom smiley code)
500 points-Gym slot (does not include gym itself & gym operation fee)
1000 points-Gym
100 points-Gym operation & setup (one-time fee)
1000 points-Custom User Chatbox (on homepage; hosted by XatTM)
1700 points-Spam pass
1000 points-Custom User Forum (limit one per user)
100 points-Each attached category (attached to custom user forum; must have at least one attached forum)
100 points-Each attached forum (attached to custom user forum)

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