Nintendo Announces Pokemon Black/White for Nintendo DS

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Nintendo Announces Pokemon Black/White for Nintendo DS

Post by Z-man on Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:21 pm

information found by DoubleE

Nintendo has officially announced the names for the new main-entry Nintendo DS Pokemon titles which were revealed earlier this year. This news comes before the true reveal of the games in this week's issue of CoroCoro and the weekend airing of Pokemon Sunday in Japan.

Not much has been revealed about the titles except for the fact that they would be on the current Nintendo DS, which is a change since every new generation of main-entry Pokemon titles have come on a new Nintendo handheld.

According to the website, the two games are called Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. The website is set to reveal more information on April 15, but CoroCoro and Pokemon Sunday, which are both released later this week, should reveal more information before the website..
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