1st Half of Game to easy and no really good training areas

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1st Half of Game to easy and no really good training areas

Post by D.S. Delano on Thu Mar 18, 2010 10:26 pm

What topic says because most trains have pokemon below lv 30 and you don't get to battle any pokemon that help train until after E4.

Why i say this because (going to Pt for comparing though not similar)
on PT. i soloed with Torterra up til before the 7th gym and i went out and caught a Nosepass, Yanma, Snorunt(F), and gligar and used the hatched togepi and trained them up into the 40s way faster than on SS due to the fact of good training areas with Lv 30+ pokemon(wild). and Then even after the E4 there are not really any good spots to train your pokemon to get to lv 60+ for red making you have to search for the best spots to train which are who knows where until you find them

Go over to HGSS most of the pokemon are between Lv 10 -25(wild not event pokes) until after you get all eight badges. Which does not really give any good places to Train your pokemon and level them up fast to high levels

Now on the E4:
1st round of E4 of HGSS VERY easy especially if i can just use my starter and 3 non-trained pokemon i caught and 2 random pokemon and win w/o much of a hustle (though this is most likely due the fact that it just wants you to hurry up and get to the Kanto Region.

than the E4 of Sinnoh i couldn't really just use starter + any 5 random pokemon you had to train alittle more than on the HGSS to win. Though it only unlocks the Battle Area that has the BF and even stronger pokemon

Yes i still love the Remake i'm just stating the weak spots of the lack of good training areas for fast Lv ups when you need them and EXTREMELY easy E4 imo

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