Pokemon HG/SS Pokemon Events

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Pokemon HG/SS Pokemon Events

Post by AmyLeeXD on Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:48 pm

I completed all the Pokemon events I am currently aware of. Here is the information on them:

In the Ilex forest is the shrine for Celebi. Put shiny Pichu first and your party and inspect the shrine. Spiky eared Pichu will jump out, run around with shiny Pichu, and eventually join your party.
Be sure to have space in your party. This Pichu is always female, and knows Volt Tackle, Pain Split, and two other moves I forgot ^^. The nature does change, so save before encountering it.

The Jirachi will unlock the Night Sky Route on the Pokewalker when traded to HG/SS.

If you take an Arceus to the ruins of alph, and this can be any Arceus (Mine was not a movie 12), a man will talk to you about some legend, and you'll be transported to the Sinjoh ruins by the Unown. Cynthia will be there. Deposit all other pokemon from your party and go to the shrine. You will then be given the option of selecting between Palkia/Dialga/Giratina. You do not have to battle it.
The pokemon will be level 1, and know Scary Face/Dragonbreath.

Yellow Forest:
From April 1st to April 30th the Yellow Forest pokewalker route will be avalible via Nintendo WFC on HG/SS. A Pikachu that know special moves (Surf -Fly) will be available on this route.
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3rd Hokage//Pokemon Gym 1 Co-Leader

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